My Home My Destiny series will change a lot
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4 December 2022 05:31


My Home My Destiny series will change a lot

Excitement is at its peak for the new season of My Home My Destiny, which was broadcast on TV8 and scripted from a real life story. The first promotion was published recently. In the story of the series, which will enter the season with changes, the perspective is different in the new season. Another story will begin with the character Engin Öztürk, who will participate in the series in the new season, but this time we will watch Mehdi more in the new season of the series.

The tips given by Eylem Canpolat about the new season drew attention. The statements of Canpolat, who participated in a live broadcast on Instagram, about the new season of the TV series My Home My Destiny drew attention.

The shooting of the series, in which İbrahim Çelikkol and Demet Özdemir played the leading roles, started recently. However, there are two episodes shot before. Therefore, shooting started late. The release date is not known yet, but for the safety of Benal, who is pregnant in the new season, Mehdi takes her to the mansion. As a difficult period begins for Zeynep, it is a matter of curiosity where the character Engin Öztürk will play will settle in this story.

Screenwriter Eylem Canpolat’s words about the new season drew attention to the fact that this time we will look at the story through the eyes of Mehdi, not Zeynep. Mehdi, played by İbrahim Çelikkol, will be the main hero of the story in the new season. Eylem Canpolat gave the hint that there might be a therapy scene about Mehdi and said:

“In the first season, we saw more stories through Zeynep’s eyes. We will continue to see through Zeynep’s eyes again, but of course we will show the story of Mahdi and his past in more detail. ”

With this statement, it is understood that the perspective of the series will be determined through the eyes of the Mehdi this time. We haven’t really learned the past of the Mehdi character. This part of the story will be examined in the new season ..

Another interesting tip of Eylem Canpolat is the possibility that Mehdi may go to the therapist played by Binnur Kaya in the TV8, TV series Red Room adapted from the story of the same author.

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