Artists News Naz Elmas’s awareness film for autistic children

Naz Elmas’s awareness film for autistic children


“Keep in your Heart”, which will be released on Turkey draws attention to the subject of movies.

The character of Sibel is portrayed by famous actress Naz Elmas.

‘Sibel’ is a mother who gives up her life for her child. The events that are going on are told in the film.

Naz Elmas, in an effort to raise awareness of autistic children …

Naz Elmas said: “We can think of children who are shouting and shouting because they do not have any physical differences in the physical appearance of the autistic children, so we can create a social awareness with this film and call all the women to be with the mothers of autistic children.”

There are women who think suicide, abandoned by their wives because of their autistic children.

Naz Elmas, along with this film, is urging all women to be with their autistic children’s mothers.