Actors - Actresses Who is Naz Elmas? Height – Age – Series – Family 1

Who is Naz Elmas? Height – Age – Series – Family 1

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Naz Elmas Özmandıracı was born on June 16, 1983 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Naz Elmas Özmandıracı
Date of Birth: June 16, 1983
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.65 m.
Weight: 55 kg
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Eyes are blue
Spouse: Erol Özmandıracı
Siblings: Aslı Elmas, Açelya Elmas
Pets: She has a dog.

Family: The daughter of a pedagogue mother and an advertising father, she has an older sister eight years older than her; Aslı Elmas. Also, Açelya Elmas, who is also an actress like herself, is her half sister. In 2019, she married businessperson Erol Özmandıracı in Esma Sultan Mansion.

Education life: She studied high school at Private Kalamış High School. She graduated from Yeditepe University Fine Arts Faculty Theater Department.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the “A Night in June” series.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character “Havin Kozanoğlu”, which she portrayed in the “A Night in June” series, which was also her first television experience, where she shared the lead role with Özcan Deniz.

Personality traits: Ambitious, modest, natural, sympathetic.

Social: She has a routine life. She devotes her time to her responsibilities and activities she enjoys. She also likes to spend time with her family and friends. She is not very well-seated.

Mindset: She never dreamed of becoming famous. She didn’t even think of acting in dramas, she always thought she would do theater. “The only obsession I had was to do the best I could. I am always humble, I am quickly embarrassed, I cannot come to praise or to “you are so talented, so beautiful”. Especially I cannot explain myself at all, it is a shame for me to be self-righteous. Beauty is not an important thing; the main thing is how you are, to be good inside! I am ashamed when they praise and like me. I haven’t been so cool about being praised and admired. ”

First motion picture: Ömer Faruk Sorak / G.O.R.A

Admires: She has a tremendous admiration for the painter Sandro Botticelli. “Botticelli did not compromise his own style in painting and preserved its originality while creating unrealistic postures and forms at certain points. I have a particular fondness and admiration for artists who do not compromise themselves. Also, the place where Botticelli unites for me as art and mythology is the birth of Venus. Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists. The Venus painting he made and the album covers of my favorite music group The Rolling Stones and Beatles are also amazing. ”

The look at love: “I can’t fall in love easily. Because I have a lot of respect for myself. This situation occurred as I got older. I am not Naz two or three years ago. Then I see that the loves I live are actually magic I have created. Younger people; He can even fall in love with the earring worn by the man opposite. As it matures, awareness comes into play. I’m secretive about love. I can love the same person for four or five years. Love is not something that can be given up so easily. I won’t give up immediately. I don’t get bored quickly, but I also can’t understand falling in love suddenly. I would love to infuse it. It doesn’t have to do anything in return. Love is unrequited. Personally, I would like to watch the changes of the person I love. I would like to get to know him over time. I think we should live love kindly. He is a gentleman and I must be a lady. I must feel he is a man, a gentleman. I’m talking about an inner sensitivity.”
His view of life: He does not take life very seriously, nor does he think there is something to be taken that seriously. “In fact, I sometimes try to refute my sickly perfectionism like this. But I still do the best, I want your job to have the best. I trust, I try my best for life, but frankly I am not worried that much. I love to laugh, I am a very funny person. If we try a little bit, I will have a laughing crisis, we cannot get out. I laugh at the things that require intelligence and genius. But sometimes the belt breaks senselessly. ”

Her view of business life: She likes to choose her roles, if she doesn’t play. She thinks she has such a luxury. It does not necessarily need to be very popular, not necessarily to get a lot of ratings. In addition, she does not rely on the rating system. It does not spoil your hoard for rating. “I don’t care rating meyting. I am one of the lucky people who does what he loves. Because I know what I wanted to be from a very young age; my family has always supported me. They always let me; I studied piano lessons and theater. I wanted not to do it as a hobby, but to do my job, which is my biggest instrument. I’m so greedy about the game, I want to play every role, every role that my heart accepts. It is a luxury to play the roles I want. I’m a little obsessed. I work like crazy in a given role; For example if I’m in the role of a police officer; I really know the police. There is terrible discipline at home. I also have a control sick state. ”

Career plan: She teaches at Yeditepe University, where she graduated. At the same time, it entered the fashion industry with its brand named “Verynazz Shoppe”. She scrutinizes the motion picture proposals very carefully and prefers not to play in similar roles. “There is a wide variety of topics in TV series and almost one motion picture is shot every week. It is not based on series, but a thousand and one things happen to that character. In motion pictures, however, the role I played in TV series should not have been repeated for me. This is my biggest criterion. I wouldn’t accept the role that came next if it sounds like the role I played before. I want to play a role that I have never known before in movies. I’m trying to play different roles. At Yeditepe University, I started by teaching Mythology, one of the institutional courses of the theater department in the first semester. In the future, we will start our on-camera acting training. Acting is my main profession. Since I have a theater background, I can make not only television series or movies, but also theater. My pace is always like this. Working, learning and producing new things, and having a busy time at all times keep me fit. Besides these, there are many other things I have done. I do not know how to sit or stand idle. ”

Future Dream: She’s not ambitious, but she has her own goals and objectives. “In this business desire rather than greed is something that should not end. It is very important to be voluntary and willing in acting. Because acting is a profession that you can never say “I’m done and done”. You need to constantly improve yourself. This request does not end within me. Playing the life, autobiography of a character or an artist taken from a real event gives me great excitement and pleasure. For some reason, even if I am an actress, it impresses me more when I learn that a movie is made with real life inspiration. ”

TV series? Is it theater? She puts the theater in a separate place. “All of them have a different place. You have to think about your hair, make-up and costume as well as your game. They can say, “Stop playing, let’s get the sunset from here”. Even if you fall apart, your acting is important to a point at that moment. There is no place as sacred and respected as the stage. There are no kissable people as much as stage actors. Actors are very valuable to me. That’s why I say, “Let’s invite the actors to the stage.” This is to appeal to the main audience. You are the only material of the live performance; no one can cover up your mistakes. Performers and doctors are very sacred to me. I started my career with a TV drama, but the real place where I can prove myself is the stage. Theater will definitely be in my life. I want to play one on one. Right now, no one knows how I acted exactly. Sooner or later I will; I will prove myself there! ”

Who does she admire? If she was asked to portray a male actor in the world, he would have chosen without hesitation, blindfolded Edward Norton. She admires him.

Which Turkish directors like it? Zeki Demirkubuz, Yavuz Turgul, Derviş Zaim and Nuri Bilge Ceylan. “Ozan Güven and I took part in a project of Mr. Zeki. This work has been a good experience for me. ”

Most disliked feature? Perfectionism and control. It has always been like this since childhood.

Does it follow fashion? She likes and buys more timeless pieces. She combines these pieces with her own style and style of clothing. “I follow the trends, but I do not get carried away and chase after them like crazy. I have no brand obsession. There must be pieces that appeal to my style. Otherwise, I would never buy it even if it is a product of the best designer in the world, out of my style. ”

How’s the style? She likes her style to both the Chanel woman and Kate Moss. “I carry the marks of both on me. When starting the day, I first look at how I feel, then where and in what environment I will be that day, and then decide accordingly. Actually, I am a classicist. In home decoration, I love to mix contemporary modern objects, objects and antiques. I usually reflect these two styles together in my private life and in the environments I attend. ”

Which movie was she affected by? “Game of Thrones” is a series that he watched with love and interest, and also finds “Black Mirror”, “The Wife” and “The Favorite” from the Oscar films wonderful. She also follows the “Kominsky Method” and “Artful Living” as a big fan of Michael Douglas and Alan Arkın.

What does it spend money on? She has a passion for shoes. “I buy my shoes with great care and search. Investing in shoes has never been unnecessary for me. I love. My shoes are at the top of the timeless pieces. All of them are generally similar in color and style. ”


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2013 – Beautiful Ugly (Güzel Çirkin) / Nazlı
2012 – Razor Kemal (Ustura Kemal)/ Angeli
2011 – Moon Struck / Ayla
2011 – 2012 – One Life Is Not Enough / Melek
2009 – Breath / Nefes
2008/2009 – Doctors / Eylül Soner
2007/2008 – El Gibi / Ece
2006/2007 – Candan Öte / Gülen
2004/2006 – A Night In June / Havin Kozanoğlu


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