Nehir Erdoğan's difficult moments on the TV set!
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4 December 2022 05:02


Nehir Erdoğan’s difficult moments on the TV set!

‘Melek: A Mother’s Struggle’ TV series team, which started shooting in Gaziantep in the second season, is working hard …

In the second season of the series, this time behind the scenes of a Rainy scene was published. Nehir Erdoğan also shared this video on her Instagram account with a humorous message.

“We said let’s cool off a little during the hot Gaziantep days. Our shootings continue, see you soon on TRT1 again. ” In the video published with the note, it is seen that Nehir Erdogan took part in the shootings with the image of a rainy day under the water held by hose.

Stating that they are excitedly waiting for the new season of the series, ‘Melek: A Mother’s Struggle’ fans commented that their impatience has increased.

“We missed you very much,” said Erdogan’s followers, drawing attention to the actress’s dedication. They honored the famous actress, saying “You are always very successful, whatever the role suits you”.

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