Artists News Neslihan Atagül fans went crazy, the event that made them say “no more” in the series Gecenin Ucunda

Neslihan Atagül fans went crazy, the event that made them say “no more” in the series Gecenin Ucunda


It is understood that the project will remain on the air until the end of the season, although the series Gecenin Ucunda (At the end of the Night), which continues to be broadcast on Star TV on Tuesday evenings, attracts a small number of viewers and continues with low ratings.

The situation in which the character of Macide played by Neslihan Atagül in the TV series Gecenin Ucunda, which is expected to stay on the screen for at least 26 episodes, fell into a frenzy. In the development of the story, in the 17th new episode, there will be moments that make Kazım question his love for Macide and drive the audience crazy.

Realizing that he had to reconcile with Macide just for the sake of business, Kazım’s actions in the published trailer made the audience nauseous. Series fans are angry with Kazım character on social media.

The story of the series, in which Neslihan Atagül won the admiration of her fans with her successful performance, is moving towards a very interesting point.

Those who saw Kazım’s latest work, who is believed to have a great love for Macide, shared a lot of criticism saying, “Kazım, officially sees the girl as a project and wants to keep her for his work.”

Expressing that Macide has made great sacrifices for this love, the audience thinks that Kazım does not really love her and wants her just so that his business will go well.

A series of fans commented, “I am in shock right now. Where is love, you know, he loved Macide. He’s really just trying to make up for his job. Pure Macide will bleed again.”

The audience of the series, which also refers to the script, is in great surprise as they did not expect this state of Kazım.

The 17th new episode of Gecenin Ucunda will be on the screen on Tuesday, January 31, and the audience will be shocked.