Series News NeslihanAtagül is a dark and brave girl

NeslihanAtagül is a dark and brave girl


NeslihanAtagül, with İlkerKaleli, is in the lead of the Depth series.

NeslihanAtagül, who has become a star of the world with its taste of ‘Endless Love’ series, is aware of the new series being broadcasted on the digital platform.

Depth series, new episodes met on 4 May with the audience. NeslihanAtagül, a successful player, gives life to the wise scientist and the wise role.

For the role of the actress; she was a brave girl full of hysterical secrets and trying to solve them.

For Actress internet series; and that it is the most important feature that distinguishes this feature from the television series and that it is very enjoyable to reach the audience with this narrative form.