Artists News GayeTurgutEvin won the prize

GayeTurgutEvin won the prize


Actress GayeTurgut Evin received another award from abroad …

The reputation of the player who attracted attention with the character of Çiğdem Lieutenant, which he portrayed in the ‘Warrior’s series, crossed the country borders.

She has many awards from Arab countries, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Europe and South America with the awards she has received from abroad and the commercials she has taken place …

She returned from Morocco, where she spent the past week filming commercials, and went to France for the ‘Festiculture’ organized by the Lyon Turkish Cultural Association in the dust of her feet.

Actress received the ‘Best Actress’ award from Morocco for her performance in the ‘Forgive Me’ series last year.

In addition, the player who received the ‘Most Liked Player’ award from France, this year will be presented the ‘Most Liked Player’ prize in ‘Festiculture’ with her performance in the Warrior series. Especially in Morocco and France, she is welcomed by the public and the foreign press as a center of attention and with great interest, she said:

“Apart from Turkey to be met with enthusiasm and to be loved me so very proud. Our language, our country and culture are different, but the unifying power of art brings us together. The best appreciation for a player will be cheers and pardon ”