The transfer claim from the Savaşçı to the Teşkilat series is not true!
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1 February 2023 12:37


The transfer claim from the Savaşçı to the Teşkilat series is not true!

New names began to appear in the Teşkilat series. There has been information in the press for a while that an agreement has been made with Gürkan Uygun, Hakan Boyav and Lara Domaç among these names… A new claim has been made on the social media platform.

The claim that Gaye Turgut Evin, who gave life to the character of Çiğdem Ülgen in the Savaşçı series, will join the cast of the Teşkilat series has made many series fans curious. However, these claims are not true. Gaye Turgut Evin, who learned that she was pregnant before the 5th season of the Savaşçı series, was not involved in the production due to various problems.

The famous actress, who gave birth to her daughter Eftalya in May, is now sharing her beautiful days with her daughter on her social media account… Gaye Turgut Evin does not plan to return to the TV series sets again.

Confirming the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş on the subject, Gaye Turgut Evin wants to spend time with her daughter Eftalya for a while.

The famous actress said, “I don’t have any thoughts on the series soon, we will miss a little bit. But we will share new beauties. A thousand thanks for your beautiful energies”.

Fans who want Gaye Turgut Evin to return to TV series will wait for Eftalya baby to grow up.

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