Series News New allegations about the Intibah series with Demet Özdemir!

New allegations about the Intibah series with Demet Özdemir!

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From Demet Özdemir; After the comedy performance in Erkenci Kuş series, we watched a successful drama performance in Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir. The famous actress is capable of playing any role and she wants it very much…

Demet Özdemir is in search of a different role that will immerse her in the story in the new season. We know that there are some important offers made to the actress. In particular, the story of the TV series İntibah, which will be broadcast on the Kanal D screen, will be very striking.

The novel Intibah, written by Namık Kemal in 1876, will be screened on Kanal D as a series. BKM made new allegations about the series, which is under preparation. In addition to Demet Özdemir, information came that meetings were held with Kerem Alışık a while ago.

Finally, Aytaç Şaşmaz’s name is mentioned for the İntibah series. It is stated that the young actor is considered for the new Kanal D series after his successful debut in the Baht Oyunu series.

The script of the TV series İntibah, which is about a well-educated man’s financial and moral destruction for his love, continues, and director Hilal Saral is making final preparations before shooting.

Intibah, written by Atasay Koç and Tuğba Doğan, will be one of the ambitious drama productions of the new season. It should be noted that while the negotiations with the actors continue, no clear agreement has been made with anyone yet.