Series News New decision in Onur Tuna’s Mahkum series!

New decision in Onur Tuna’s Mahkum series!

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Onur Tuna, who gave life to the character Ferman in the TV series Miracle Doctor last season, took part in one of the best productions of his career.

Onur Tuna, who attracts a lot of attention with his character Alihan in the TV series Yasak Elma, is followed closely by millions of his fans with his talents and physical features. After the success of the Mucize Doktor, the famous actor will take the lead role in a new series called Mahkum in the new season.

Mahkum, which is meticulously prepared by MF Production, the producer of the Miracle Doctor series, is an adaptation series… Uğraş Güneş is adapting the series prepared for Fox TV from the TV series “Innocent Defendant”.

An important decision has been made in the Mahkum series. MF Production made an agreement with Volkan Kocatürk as the director of the series. Kocatürk, who has been a director for many years, has appeared in many TV series before.

Volkan Kocatürk, who has been directing since 2004, has directed many TV series, including Karadağlar, İsimsizler, Savaşçı, Halka and Zümrüdüanka.

The search for actors for the Mahkum series continues. It is not yet clear when the series will hit the set.