Series News New details that will add excitement to the second season for Aile series fans!

New details that will add excitement to the second season for Aile series fans!


Show TV series named Aile (Family) managed to attract the audience with its first 13-episode performance. The series, which had a very good rating test in the first season, stars Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya.

The audience is very curious about what will happen in the new season of the Aile series, which brings together valuable actors in its cast.

The inclusion of influential names such as Nur Sürer, Levent Ülgen, Canan Ergüder, Musa Uzunlar, Nejat İşler in the cast ensured great interest in the Aile series.

Every detail of the series, from the story to the acting performances, the music and the location where the shooting took place, managed to draw the audience into the project.

Very little information about the new season leaked during the summer. The fact that the series will start its second season with a 2-month time skip indicates that the scriptwriters have established a new story order.

Shooting is also starting for the Aile series, which is expected to be on screen in the first week of October with its 14th episode. The team will come together and start shooting the second season in a very short time.

In the new period, all eyes will be on Cihan’s character. Because Lawyer Serap comes to the story. Serap, Devin’s lawyer, will establish a bond with Cihan. Their relationship will also be reflected on Derin and Aslan.

Various names are being talked about in the press for the character of Serap. It seems that the participation of a successful and influential actress in the Aile series with the character of Serap will add great color to the project.

What will happen to the Soykan family in the second season, where we expect the showdown between Cihan and Aslan to be very harsh, will also increase the excitement of the audience.

In the Aile series, the team will come together later than their other competitors and will just start shooting. However, this situation is not expected to create a very negative situation in the ratings. Let us remind you that the series has a very large audience waiting for the new season.