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5 July 2022 14:57


New ones are being added to the names that left the Yasak Elma series!

Yasak Elma is a project that has millions of fans and brings together famous names… The series, which aired for the first 4 seasons and continues on its way with a different story setup every term, is preparing for the fifth season. The departure of Nesrin Cavadzade from the series, in which Eda Ece and Şevval Sam starred, caused a great reaction.

While questioning how much attention would be drawn to a Yasak Elma series, where the character of Şahika is no longer present, the screenwriters are working on a very different story for the new season. Backstage information is coming that a new family will join the series and the story will be different. New ones are added to those who leave the Yasak Elma , where Biran Damla Yılmaz will also take part in the new season.

After Nesrin Cavadzade, some names that appeared not to be in the series appeared in the press. One of these names was Erdal Özyağcılar, who acted the character of Hasan Ali. Baric Kılıç, which we watched as Kaya, was also added to the list of names who said goodbye to the series.

In addition, backstage information is coming that Şafak Pekdemir, who has an important place in the story, will not be in the new season. Another separation came from Gülanay Kalkan, who gave life to the character of Feride… Kalkan joined the series in the 4th season and was the mother of the character of Çağatay, acted by Berk Oktay.

Now there are allegations that Gülünay Kalkan will not be in the story. While the names saying goodbye to the series are increasing, there are no new developments regarding the new participants, except for Biran Damla Yılmaz.

In September, the team will come together and the shooting of the 5th season will begin.

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