Artists News New series claim for Pınar Deniz! The role is great, but what about the Yargı series?

New series claim for Pınar Deniz! The role is great, but what about the Yargı series?


Pınar Deniz’s strong performance in the TV series “Yargı”, which aired on Sunday evenings, allowed her to receive new offers one after another.

Pınar Deniz, who has done a very successful job with Kaan Urgancıoğlu in the series Yargı, puts her signature on a performance that enchants the audience every week on the Kanal D screen. New allegations have also been made about the series that the actor will shoot for Disney Plus.

While Pınar Deniz fans are waiting for new news from the actress, it is among the news that Disney Plus officials have determined the project and the new role of the actress has been clarified.

It turned out that Pınar Deniz is considered as the leading actress of the TV series Star, written by Hakan Bonomo. While journalist Birsen Altuntaş is covering the developments, the story of BKM’s  series will be so influential that it will shake everyone.

The story of a character named Yasemin, who makes a living by acting during the day but turns into a serial killer at night, will be told in the series, whose scenario Hakan Bonomo continues to shape.

While many actors are waiting for such opposite roles, Pınar Deniz will have a great opportunity as the leading actress of a project that will impress everyone.

So, what will happen to the Yargı series during Pınar Deniz’s new series work? This question is on the minds, and the planning is carried out meticulously so that the series Yargı is not affected by the shootings for the new project.

After the season finale of the Yargı series, Pınar Deniz is expected to appear on the set for the Disney Plus project Star.

While it is certain that Kanal D will continue the very successful Yargı series in the second season, it seems that Pınar Deniz will spend the summer months for the shooting of the new project.