New steps are being taken so that ATV's Kalp Yarası series will not be the finale!
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31 January 2023 16:25


New steps are being taken so that ATV’s Kalp Yarası series will not be the finale!

In the Kalp Yarası series, the audience’s wishes are slowly coming true! One of the most important reasons for the decrease in the ratings of Kalp Yarası, one of the popular series of ATV screens, was cited as the separation of the character of the screenwriter Ayşe and Ferit from each other.

Series fans criticized this situation a lot on social media. There are signs that this situation is starting to change in the 24th new episode of the series, starring Gökhan Alkan and Yağmur Tanrısevsin. In the trailer released for the new episode of the series, you can see the images of Ayşe and Ferit hugging each other in the same house.

Ayşe shows her need for Ferit by saying “Don’t leave me without you”. With this scene, it is understood that the screenwriters will gradually bring these two characters together in the story.

Of course, things don’t work out without tensions, conflicts and intrigues in the series. Knowing that they can’t watch Kalp Yarası only through love, the screenwriters of the series will try to keep the audience on the screen with highly effective scenes.

The 24th episode, which will be broadcast on Monday, December 13, is waiting for the audience as a very moving and different emotional episode. Further ratings drop in Kalp Yarası will be seen as a serious step towards the finale. For this reason, it seems that the excitement of the scenario will proceed at a high level in order for the audience to support the series on the screen.

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