Final announcement for a very ambitious new series from Star TV!
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4 February 2023 18:39


Final announcement for a very ambitious new series from Star TV!

Another series faces the reality of the finale on Star TV screen… Kazara Aşk, Benim Hayatım, Ada Masalı and now Sana Söz are being added to the finals with the series. Star TV’s 4th series, which will make its final season this season, has also appeared. Despite the fact that it has only just begun, the project will bid farewell to the audience due to the ratings of Sana Söz and the health problems of the leading actor Erkan Petekkaya.

Standing out as a detective drama project, Sana Söz started off with a successful story and good actors. The series, which was broadcast on Tuesday evenings, did not attract enough attention from the audience. In this process, when it was revealed that Erkan Petekkaya needed surgery due to his health problems, it was decided to say goodbye to the project. Star TV announced that on Tuesday, December 14, the final will be held with the 7th episode.

‘Sana Söz’, which was broadcast on Star’s screens, comes to the screen on Tuesday with its final episode. In the lead roles; In the series with Erkan Petekkaya and Nehir Erdoğan; The story of Elif and Ömer, who do not stray from their path for the sake of what they believe despite everything, meets the audience.

The series was produced by O3 Medya, directed by Şenol Sönmez, and written by Ali Erkan Ersezer and Sertaç Sayın. While Erkan Petekkaya plays a policeman, Nehir Erdogan appears in front of the audience as the program host.

So what will happen in the final episode of the series? Here are all the details: The corpse that Erdem and Ömer find in the forest turns all the arrows towards Bora. It is the moment of decision for Erdem, he will either continue to stand by Omer or stand by Bora. Virtue makes his decision.

Duru and Bora’s conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Elif. While trying to escape from the room, Bora comes face to face with Ömer. On the other hand, Umut tries to get rid of the situation he fell into thanks to the plan he made. Asli becomes a threat to Erdem day by day. When Erdem doesn’t answer his phones, Aslı decides to go to Erdem’s house. In addition to all this, the missing baby incident forces Elif and Ömer to cooperate again.

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