New Year's good news came from Engin Günaydın that will make his fans very happy!..
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4 February 2023 05:05


New Year’s good news came from Engin Günaydın that will make his fans very happy!..

The second season of the comedy series 10 Bin Adım, shot for the digital platform Gain, starring Engin Günaydın and Devin Özgür Çınar, begins.

The audience was eagerly waiting for the second season of the series, whose first season was highly acclaimed and had a significant interaction on social media. Engin Günaydın gave the good news with his Instagram account.

The famous actor shared, “10 Bin Adım is on the air for free with its first two episodes at 00:30 on New Year’s Eve with its new season after a full year break!’

In the series, the story of two ex-lovers, Ezgi and Memet, who decided to walk together by following the suggestion of “10 thousand steps a day”, which has been accepted as a reference all over the world for a long and healthy life in recent years, is told in a humorous way. Ezgi and Mehmet’s many experiences, from their resentment to their anger, are reflected on the screen in an entertaining way.

10 Bin Adım, whose story belongs to Engin Günaydın and Deniz Özgür Çınar and whose screenplay was also written by Devin Özgür Çınar, focuses on the question “Is it possible to stay friends with an ex?”, and examines the friendship left over from love in an adventure of ten thousand steps. .

In the series, the audience is presented with many different moments from the opening of old notebooks to the exchange of ideas about their current lives in the friendship of two people who have exhausted their emotional togetherness for the same purpose.

In the series, which tells all the experiences of the old relationship with a mischievous language, from small talk, the next day, the meeting with the goal of ’10 Bin Adım’ and the settled habits are conveyed to the audience with an absurd humor.

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