Nobody did to Fox TV what the Elkızı series did!
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30 March 2023 11:05


Nobody did to Fox TV what the Elkızı series did!

The Elkızı series, which meets with the audience on Saturday evenings on Fox TV, has been broadcast for 9 episodes so far. The drama-laden story of the series starring Sevda Erginci, Perihan Savaş and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz continues.

It was expected to be very effective when the series first started, but its ratings were close to average. We also see that the series, which has ensured the loyalty of a certain audience since the first day, is still not above the average.

During the remaining 9 episodes, it was eagerly awaited how Fox TV would decide on the series. Because the ratings obtained for the channel management were just below expectations… Fox TV stands firm for the continuation of the series.

While 9 episodes are left behind in the Elkızı series, the ratings come close to each other every week. It’s a state of indecision for Fox TV. Among the series broadcast by the channel this season, there are five productions that were canceled due to low ratings.

Uzak Şehrin Masalı, Son Yaz, Yalancılar ve Mumları, Elbet Bir Gün and Misafir… These productions were finished because they achieved ratings well below the average. However, Elkızı is right on the border. In other words, it is a problem for Fox TV if it is taken off the air, it is a different problem if it does not…

The 9th episode of the series was ranked 11th in the category of all people. Finishing the day 6th in EU, the production took place in ABC1 as 10th.

Its ratings are still below average, but it has taken a firm stance on Fox TV so far.

Elkızı series has been the only series that has left the channel management in a dilemma until now. It was also a great chance for Elkızı that Fox TV showed patience towards the continuation of the series.

The 10th new episode of the series will be broadcast on Saturday, December 25th. Still, the fans of the series are uneasy and live with the anxiety of a final at any moment.

In the story of the series, the dose of drama and tension increased. Harun, who got between Ali and Ezo, confused things a lot. The fact that Harun asks Ezo to be his wife increases the excitement of the new episode.

Series fans, on the other hand, criticize the screenwriter harshly because of Harun, who came between Ezo and Ali. The audience said, “You showed us the character of Ezo as a strong woman, then she would risk going to jail. Don’t waste Ali and Ezo.”

Here is the first trailer from the 10th episode of the series:

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