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6 July 2022 05:42


Normal in America, news in us! Salih Bademci revealed himself on social media!

Salih Bademci is one of the most talked about names of the last period. The actor has acted in many movies and TV series so far. The actor, who also appeared on the theater stage, became the talk of the day with the release of three different projects in which he took part at almost the same time.

Salih Bademci, who draws a completely different character in every job he does with his successful performance and receives great acclaim, has signed a character that surprised everyone in Show TV’s Yalancı series, which ended when the ratings did not go well. He played a doctor who harassed women by putting them to sleep and walking around in a sullen manner. He played his role so well that he won the admiration of the audience.

In the same period, it was referred to as the Kulüp TV series on Netflix. He impressed everyone there as a groundbreaking soloist in Yeşilçam of the 60s.

He also won the appreciation of the audience in the İlk ve Son series, shot for BluTV and starring with Özge Özpirinçci. The actor, who puts on every role he plays like wearing a shirt, has started to steal the hearts of the audience more recently.

Salih Bademci, who was born in 1984 in Izmir, first acted in the movie Barda. Afterwards, he attracted attention with Elveda Rumeli and then Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki. Salih Bademci, who also played in the TV series Arkadaşlar Arasında, Zeytin Tepesi, and Kiralık Aşk, is also mentioned with the character of Fikret Boran, whom he gave life to in the İstanbullu Gelin series.

Salih Bademci is one of the most successful names of the last period. Despite his reputation, the actor showed that he is among some of the names who do not hesitate to use public transportation with a recent sharing.

You can come across him at any time in the Istanbul metro! Keanu Reeves, who is especially loved for his humble life in America, is remembered all over the world with his images on the subway. For many famous names, politicians and public figures, being on the subway in America has become a common sight over time, but people in Turkey are still very surprised when they see a celebrity on public transport.

Salih Bademci also showed that he is among the names using Metro, with his sharing. The actor is standing in a crowded subway. It is not known who knew him with his mask, but with the sharing of his friend Cansu Uras, he got on the subway and fell on social media.

In the post, which refers to the crowded metro after work, it was also stated that Salih Bademci boarded the Davutpaşa-Yenikapı line…

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