Artists News O Kız series caught everyone’s heart, the second episode will be worse!

O Kız series caught everyone’s heart, the second episode will be worse!


The very successful debut of the O Kız (That Girl) series, which met with the audience last Wednesday evening on Kanal D screen, did not go unnoticed. With its story that achieved good ratings and captured the hearts of the audience, Kanal D once again made a surprise debut. In particular, the audience, who saw Erkan Petekkaya in the character of Kadir, was both touched and applauded the success of the actor.

A character whose 45-year-old Kadir character has the intelligence and love of a 5-year-old child has not been on television until today. At this point, it was understood on the screen that Erkan Petekkaya’s being in the same environment with those who have similar ailments for the role and listening to their experiences from the experts gave a very good result.

On social media, viewers shared comments stating that they could not get up from the screen with both the shocking story of the series and the unique acting of Erkan Petekkaya. The second part of the series has already begun to be very curious.

The second new episode of the O Kız series will shake the audience even more deeply. The character of Zeynep, with whom Dilin Döğer made a very successful debut in her career, will make the audience shed tears with what will happen to her. The young actress’s very successful performance was a good start for her career.

In the second episode of the O Kız series, starring Sezin Akbaşoğulları and Cengiz Orhonlu, Kadir’s self-blaming states will also leave an emotional impact on the audience.

“An intriguing introduction from O Kız… The second episode trailer of Kanal D’s ambitious series O Kız of the season, produced by Content House, has been released. The introduction of the new episode of the series, which was at the top, aroused great curiosity.

While it was a matter of curiosity what will happen to Zeynep, who came to the game of Ozan and Sitare, Kadir’s accusation of himself in the face of what happened caused emotional moments.”