Artists News The incredible event that changed the life of Devrim Yakut, Gülcihan of the TV series Camdaki Kız

The incredible event that changed the life of Devrim Yakut, Gülcihan of the TV series Camdaki Kız


In the TV series Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass), which is broadcast on Kanal D, one of the successful names is Devrim Yakut, who plays the character of Gülcihan. The master actress again demonstrates her talents and makes a name for herself in the series, which continues its third season.

Devrim Yakut was born in Ankara in 1968 and in her acting career, which she started with theater, she played very influential roles in both movies and TV series. In addition to the Mihriban character in the Cesur ve Güzel (Brave and Beautiful) series, the characters of Cemile Sultan in the Payitaht Abdulhamid series were not forgotten.

Devrim Yakut, who recently appeared in front of the audience as the Gülcihan of the Camdaki Kız  series, also took part in the shooting of the movie called Rüyanda Görürsün (Dreaming You Can See). During the period when the series “Camdaki Kız” continued, Devrim Yakut had a big problem. The actress, who had a major health problem as a result of a clot in her brain, took a break from the series and continued her treatment in this process.

At the end of April 2022, at the beginning of May, with the realization that Devrim Yakut’s character in the TV series “Camdaki Kız” was not on the screen for a while, the health problems of the actor came to the agenda of the media.

Explaining that her life changed in an instant after this incident, the actor said the following in the program called Empathy, where the real life stories of master actor Ahmet Mümtaz Tayla met with the audience:

“In an instant, our lives changed, in an instant! I left the house normally in the morning, next month will be 1 month; When I returned, my husband Alper could not speak or write. We just relaxed Alper a little, he threw a clot into the speech center in his brain. He had forgotten to speak and write, just as Alper was getting better, my feet went numb, then my hands went numb, then half of my face went numb. Since I trained a lot more than Alper and did a lot of reading on the issue, I said something happened to my brain, I need to go to the doctor.

I made myself a small bag, woke up Alper and said I need to go to the hospital, I think I had a clot in my brain, I was that sure! And I was not wrong. It really did happen… This time, another difficult process started. At the end of the day, both Alper and I think: Life has given us a second chance. Nothing is the same anymore. I never thought I could die. I never lost my hope”