Series News Offers to Beren Saat, Tuba Büyüküstün and Cansu Dere! The series “Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar” will be very tragic!

Offers to Beren Saat, Tuba Büyüküstün and Cansu Dere! The series “Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar” will be very tragic!

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Work continues on the new series, adapted from the writer Büşra Cebe’s novel Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar, which was first published in 2021. Büşra Cebe, who put forward the idea that every woman is involved in pain at least once in her life, states that every black person leaves a trace.

We are looking for 6 female lead actors for the series “Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar”. The fact that Beren Saat, Tuba Büyüküstün and Cansu Dere were among the names considered for the series to be shot for Disney Plus brought the production to the fore.

Would these three names accept the role offered to them? Watching three famous actresses in the same series is beyond imagination for many viewers. Each character has a strong story in the series, which tells the events of the characters named Canan, Süveyda, Derya, Seyhan, Nehir, Ayfer and Serpil.

In the book, it is emphasized that every black person leaves a trace, every trace tells a story, and every story has a hero. There will be tragic events in the series, which will proceed on the idea that no heroes are normal, that super powers aside, super madness also exists in these heroes.

The unbelievable pains of some characters, the undeniable mistakes of others, their wrong choices, their anger… In other words, the tragic events experienced by 7 female characters are the subject of Disney Plus’s new series.

Medyapım continues its works for the series Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar, which tells about the pain, problems and choices of 7 female characters. The cast of the series, in which Özer Feyzioğlu will act as a director, will also be announced soon.

In Siyaha Bulaşan Kadınlar, Büşra Cebe confronts us with all shades of black through the intersecting lives of a group of women from Istanbul! She explained the purpose of writing the pocket book with the following words:

“While writing this book, my biggest wish is to reach out to all the women who are overwhelmed by the pain they experience and feel helpless; It was to make them realize that they are not alone, helpless, sinful, and most importantly, they are the strongest heroes on earth.”