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12 August 2022 15:56


After Hercai, atv turned the Friday competition upside down with the Yalnız Kurt series this time!

Many people may not have expected this result, but the new ATV series called Yalnız Kurt did a great job from the very first episode. In an environment with ambitious TV shows on different channels on Friday evenings, Yalnız Kurt managed to get ahead of all his rivals in the first episode.

Everyone was surprised that the intense interest in the trailers of the series, which Osman Sınav has been preparing for a long time, and the curious viewers on the social media made the series number one in the ratings. Many people criticized that the series was not promoted enough.

However, when the subject was at the point of explaining the important events in Turkey’s recent history, and there was a strong producer and director like Osman Sınav behind him, the big release of the Yalnız Kurt series was meaningful.

Osman Sınav, who conquered the hearts of the audience with the projects Deli Yürek and Kurtlar Vadisi, once again succeeded in coming to the fore with a mysterious, action-packed and intelligence-containing series.

ATV had a significant advantage by broadcasting the Hercai series on Friday evenings during the previous 3 seasons. However, after the end of Hercai, the viewing rates of the channel on Friday evenings decreased against its competitors.

After the first episode of the Yalnız Kurt TV series won first place in all rating groups, ATV took the lead again in the Friday competition.

This big break of the channel caused the TV series on other channels to drop as well… The result of Yalnız Kurt in the second episode of the Friday competition has already been a matter of curiosity. If the ratings come in similarly, it will mean that the audience likes the series.

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