Series News Ogün Kaptanoğlu, the famous actor of Kardeşlerim and İyilik TV series, did what everyone wanted but could not do!

Ogün Kaptanoğlu, the famous actor of Kardeşlerim and İyilik TV series, did what everyone wanted but could not do!


Ogün Kaptanoğlu, whom we have been watching in TV series and movies since 2004, was especially remembered with the character of Captain Oğuz in the Karagül TV series.

The actor we watched in historical TV series such as Diriliş Ertuğrul, Mehmetçik Kutül Amare and Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu; Recently, he played the characters of Resul in the TV series Kardeşlerim (My Brothers and Sisters) and Poyraz in the series İyilik (Goodness).

Ogün Kaptanoğlu is on the agenda with his heroic struggle these days. The famous actor immediately moved to the region after the great earthquake disaster that occurred on Monday, February 6, 9 hours apart, affecting 9 cities around it, along with Kahramanmaraş.

Ogün Kaptanoğlu, a member of the KIF Search and Rescue and first aid team, joined the rescue activities in the region after 38 hours, despite the severe weather conditions.

Stating that they are the 3rd search and rescue team to reach Hatay, the actor participated in the search and rescue activities in the wreckage across the Antakya Sports Hall.

Sharing what happened during a rescue effort on his Instagram account, the actor said that they pulled a citizen named Şevket out of the wreckage alive.

Stating that a citizen named Halime died in the ambulance despite their rescue, the actorsaid, “We regret to say that Şevket lost his mother, father, sister and sister. One can’t help thinking about it, I wish the opportunities and time we had were on our side, and it burned their hearts.

The actor, known for his successful performances in the TV series, received aid and rescue training, and after such an important earthquake disaster, he immediately moved to the region and made a superhuman effort.

His followers thanked Ogün Kaptanoğlu with many messages stating that they were honored. Ogün Kaptanoğlu fulfilled the wishes of his fans at a point where many people wanted to save those who were under the rubble in the earthquake, but could not reach this because he did not have the education.

Stating that he was in indescribable feelings, Ogün Kaptanoğlu was greatly appreciated for his efforts.