Artists News Oğuzhan Koç’s old love Zeynep Koçak can’t believe her eyes when she sees her new look!

Oğuzhan Koç’s old love Zeynep Koçak can’t believe her eyes when she sees her new look!


Forget about Zeynep Koçak, who is famous for her Çok Güzel Hareketer Bunlar, she has turned into a completely different person! Famous actress Zeynep Koçak is a name that gained fame in the project called Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar and then took part in the sector with different projects. Those who see the new version of Zeynep Koçak, who had a love affair with Oğuzhan Koç, who took part in the same project, are surprised.

Zeynep Koçak has undergone such a change that there is no trace of the old days. Zeynep Koçak, who dyed her hair black and attracted a lot of attention with her curly form, was seen by cameras in a shopping center. The famous actress, who surprised everyone with her new image, also announced that she has a new project.

Zeynep Koçak stated that they met with her mother at the shopping center and talked about what she was doing as follows: “We will start shooting the work that I wrote one. One on digital platform. Written by myself, I will not act. I write, I draw.”

Zeynep Koçak does not want to act, but will continue to take part in projects as a screenwriter behind the camera. The actress, who has continued to write stories since her experience,

The change of Zeynep Koçak, who has not been seen for the last 5 years, will surprise her fans. The actress, who was waiting for the pandemic to end to start the theater, stated that she did her hair this way because it was easy and comfortable.

She, who is also remembered for her youtube programs where she made fun of Tiktok videos, stated that she could continue to make youtube programs again.