Artists News Öner Erkan came out with his new image and gave good news!

Öner Erkan came out with his new image and gave good news!


Öner Erkan left the Çukur series, which lasted 131 episodes, early, but left its mark on the minds… Öner Erkan made a strong impression with his successful performance.

The actor, who rested for a while after the Çukur series, took part in the shooting of the series Uysallar. Explaining that the shooting of the project has been completed, Öner Erkan also announced that the Uysallar series will be broadcast in 2022.

Öner Erkan was seen in Etiler and attracted attention with his different image. The famous actor, who shortened his hair and changed his shape after the pit series, also left a beard. Attracting attention with his new image, Öner Erkan said that Çukur, like all good things, is over and is now left behind.

Curious about his new project, the actor is preparing to meet his fans in a very different way. Öner Erkan, explaining that he did theater rehearsals, said, “We’ll announce it again when we get close. Another game. Scenes from Marriage is the name,” he said. The actor, who found a solution to Istanbul traffic with his motorcycle, stated that he had finished the holiday.

Öner Erkan continues to work on the theater play, which will begin in October. For now, a series of projects are not in sight.

Öner Erkan, who is also in the TV series Bir Başkadır, stated that there will be no second season.