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6 July 2022 05:47


Oktay Kaynarca gave the message everyone was waiting for for the character of Süleyman Çakır!

The character of Süleyman Çakır, a phenomenon in the TV series Kurtlar Vadisi, continues to live as a legend in the industry. There is still a great interaction on social media for this character, played by Oktay Kaynarca years ago.

The longing for the character is often expressed by sharing the words and images of Süleyman Çakır. Since Oktay Kaynarca is the actor who portrays this character, he is always mentioned with Süleyman Çakır. There are even allegations that the actor will be able to meet the audience with this character again.

So what’s the actual situation? Does Oktay Kaynarca have a plan or desire for the character of Süleyman Çakır? Answering these questions, the famous actor said words that will upset the fans of Kurtlar Vadisi.

Explaining how wrong those who make such claims are within the framework of logic, Oktay Kaynarca reminded that the character does not own the forbidden rights and conveyed the following details:

“I read them as well, as you do. There is no question of Süleyman Çakır. We do not have a legal framework for the return of the character of Süleyman Çakır anyway. Because their rights are not ours. The friends who will do this are the friends who own that right. How they do it, whether they do it, I don’t know. We are dealing with other projects.”

With these words, Oktay Kaynarca stated that even if there is a plan for the character of Süleyman Çakır, he does not know it, he is not in it and he will not have a share in the return of this character.

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