Artists News Oktay Kaynarca reproached for the new series claim!

Oktay Kaynarca reproached for the new series claim!


Famous actor Oktay Kaynarca attended the publicity meeting of the 10th Malatya International Film Festival. After the successful 6 seasons of the TV series Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz, the project came to an end due to the famous crisis. Another work of Oktay Kaynarca, who became a phenomenon with the character of Hızır Çakırbeyli, was finished.

However, allegations were made about the actor that he was in talks with ATV and that he agreed to take part in a new series. Oktay Kaynarca asked his fans not to believe anything unless it was heard from him.

Stating that such allegations are false information on social media, the actress said, “Someone gets up in the morning and produces news. Especially in line with the attention of the site, in the direction of clicking. There are things that I even read laughingly. Some of these fabricated news are made with reasoning, some without reasoning,” he said.

He evaluated that the claim that Oktay Kaynarca will make a new series for ATV did not originate from information, but was made by reasoning.

Confirming that there were offers coming to him, the actor said: “Life does not stop. We are evaluating the project. We try to produce as many projects as possible. Because that is our job. We are people conditioned to produce projects. There are definitely 10 or 20 projects on our desks. We sort them. We put it in order for when we will do it in our lives. This process is one such process. We strive to do the best, the most beautiful, the most valuable, better than we do. And so it will be.”