Oktay Kaynarca stopped his new project due to coronavirus!
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30 September 2022 09:08


Oktay Kaynarca stopped his new project due to coronavirus!

Famous actor Oktay Kaynarca said that they stopped the cinema project due to the quarantine process that came with the coronavirus pandemic. The actor, who starred in the series The Bandits, reminded that whatever everyone is doing in this process is doing the same.

Oktay Kaynarca said, “We are trying to be as careful as possible. We have not been in contact with people for a long time. We missed our friend, our partner, our friend.  We have to start socializing slowly. We will socialize, we will get over, we will solve it.”

Explaining the reason why they stopped the cinema project, the actor said: “We do not know what the cinemas will be and what will not be next season. We had a cinema project, we had to hit the ball, unfortunately. I think we’re going to bypass this year a bit, except for televisions. ”

After the abolition of travel bans in June, Oktay Kaynarca will go to his home in Bodrum and have a holiday. The actor also reminded that he would go back and forth between Bodrum and Istanbul due to the preparations for the series.

The Bandits series made the season 5 final with its 165th episode. The team of the series, which will continue in the 6th season, started to work by showing courage while the pandemic process continued.

Oktay Kaynarca, who described this situation as a “bold attempt”, stated that they saw how right they were later.

Kaynarca said: “We made a bold attempt. Everyone has shot 5-6 episodes within the set cancellation issue. Then we realized that we actually did the right thing. By taking all our precautions, we have done our job correctly. ”

The actor, who also reacted to those who wanted the cancellation of the sets, stressed that he is now wondering what to say.

He, who also complains about the misfortune of his generation, is 55 years old. He said: “I think the bad luck of our generation. When you look at our generation, look at what happened. Economic shocks, blows, lots of troubles in a row. We have survived all this. I think it empowers those who don’t. “

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