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26 May 2022 07:40


Oktay Kaynarca, who stepped into production, met with Birce Akalay! Is there a new project on the horizon?

The famous actor Oktay Kaynarca, who has succeeded in establishing a throne in the hearts of his fans with the productions he has taken part in until today, took up the production.

Oktay Kaynarca, who made a steady career debut with his last project, Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz for 6 seasons, which we watched in many projects over the years, set out for new projects with his two partners in the production company Güzel Adamlar.

The famous actor will not only take the lead role in the series, but will also contribute to the formation of the projects in the background as a producer. Director Onur Tan and Seyfi Şahin are the actor’s companions in the new formation.

The meeting of Oktay Kaynarca, who started producing, with Birce Akalay excited the fans of the duo. When the two famous names shared photos together on their Instagram accounts, the fans of the duo asked the question, “Or is there a project on the horizon together?”

The members of the press, who caught the famous duo at the place where they had dinner with their friends, asked the same question. However, Kaynarca and Akalay said in their statement that they only met with their friends for chat purposes.

The two famous names stated that the term “Baker’s Girl” in their Instagram posts was based on a joke they made between them 5 years ago.

While Oktay Kaynarca said that he works hard and is busy with both his own clothing brand and production company, Birce Akalay stated that she is interested in the jewelry collection she created and that she is studying projects.

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