Oktay Kaynarca's farewell would be the suicide of Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam series!
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2 April 2023 09:14


Oktay Kaynarca’s farewell would be the suicide of Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam series!

We see that the Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam (I Can’t fit in this World) series, which is broadcast on the ATV screen on Tuesday evenings, has shown a good rating performance since the first day it started.

The first episodes of the series were reaching much more people, and this shows that there has been a decrease in interest with the recently falling ratings. However, the fact that the series is one of the most important productions in the rating competition on Tuesdays has not changed.

The series, starring Oktay Kaynarca, also stands out as the first and great test of the master actor as a producer. At this point, the success of the series will also ensure that Oktay Kaynarca’s production steps continue more effectively.

Üç Kız Kardeş (Three Sisters) and Yürek Çıkmazı (Heart Impasse) continue to attract the attention of millions with their strong stories in the Tuesday competition. It should also be noted that the Show TV series named Aile will start on February 14.

In the Aile series starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya; Let us remind you that there are also very influential names such as Nejat İşler, Canan Ergüder, Nur Sürer, Levent Ülgen.

As of next week, the Tuesday competition will become very difficult and it is eagerly awaited how Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam will be affected by this new situation.

There are great criticisms about the story of the series, and at this point, many people share what they watch for Oktay Kaynarca on social media. The Cezayir character is shot in the 20th new episode of Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam.

Although there are reports in some media about the possibility of Oktay Kaynarca leaving the series, it is obvious that this will not be realistic. While there is such a large audience that they follow the series because of Oktay Kaynarca’s existence, which is already criticized as a story, leaving the leading actor from the story would be like suicide for the project.

If it is thought that the producer is also the leading actor, such claims will not go beyond the trick of promoting the series and attracting the attention of the audience.

Even though it attracts attention with its action content, it is inevitable for the screenwriters to make more effective episodes, considering the possibility of the Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam project, which could not provide the great dynamism of the Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (The Bandits), to be negatively affected by the new series Aile.

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