Do not look at the rating of the first episode, the series of Dokuz Oğuz managed to stand up!
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2 April 2023 09:08


Do not look at the rating of the first episode, the series of Dokuz Oğuz managed to stand up!

The second episode of the series Dokuz Oğuz (Nine Oghuz), which started to meet with the audience on Saturday evenings on Fox TV, has also been left behind. The series, which had low ratings with its first episode the previous week, disappointed those who liked the story, with the ratings below the average in all audience groups.

However, things suddenly changed in the second episode, and there was a sudden increase in the ratings with the contribution of a large audience who were affected by the action-packed moments of the Dokuz Oğuz series. it happened.

We can say that the series “Dokuz Oğuz” has attracted great attention, with the ratings above the average in all people and ABC1 categories, and a serious jump in the AB group. Now all eyes are on the 3rd episode, which will be broadcast on Saturday, February 11th.

Since the TV series Gönül Dağı and Kardeşlerim (My Brothers and Sisters) were so influential, television channels avoided putting new series on Saturday evenings. However, the series of Dokuz Oğuz put a smile on the face of Fox TV for now, and it became possible to experience an increase in the ratings in the following episodes.

The third episode ratings of the series Dokuz Oğuz, starring Kubilay Aka and Yasemin Allen duo, will also reveal how much the story is liked.

In order for the series to rise, the story needs to be based on the right foundations, and the action scenes need to be as effective as the emotional intensity. With enough drama to be presented, good results will be possible for this soldier series.

In the behind-the-scenes footage from the set of the series, you can see that the team put out the scenes under difficult conditions and with intense effort.

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