Oktay Kaynarca's heavy word for those who shout 'Let the sets be canceled'!
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1 October 2022 01:46


Oktay Kaynarca’s heavy word for those who shout ‘Let the sets be canceled’!

Starting from the 2nd week of March, the series sets were stopped one by one due to the coronavirus pendulum. In this process, many players also posted messages stating that the sets should be stopped from their social media accounts.

By the third week of March, the works were stopped in all sets except a few series. The productions that ended this situation after a while; The Bandits, The Ottoman and Back Streets

Work was started on the set of these 3 series by taking the necessary health measures. There was no improvement in other series sets. Until the 4th week of May, no series work was done.

My Youth Eyvah series started shooting last week, as of June, the works will start again in many series.

Oktay Kaynarca, the leading actor in The Bandits, said that his colleagues said that the sets should be stopped, full of words.

Oktay Kaynarca, who also gave an answer to the increasing criticism after the TV Bandits series appeared on the set, said:

“We have done all our precautions and we have done our job correctly. Thank God we took our episodes without any difficulties, we have finished. But despite this, we have completed 5-6 episodes. Apart from that, the friends who shouted ‘Let the sets be canceled’ at that time are actually related to this issue.

We have also seen how wrong he is. Now the sets are starting again. People have to return to their economies. The sum of friends who say ‘Let the sets be canceled’, I wonder what they think about this issue, what they will say, what they will shout. “

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