Series News Oktay Kaynarca’s secret in Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam series has been revealed!

Oktay Kaynarca’s secret in Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam series has been revealed!


Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam is expected to be on the screen in the third week of September, Tuesday, September 20. Although the broadcast date has not been announced from ATV yet, the expectations are in this direction. Oktay Kaynarca fans are also eagerly awaiting the start of the series. Important details about the series also began to emerge.

Oktay Kaynarca, in his statement at the beginning of the year, stated that this series would be the locomotive of the season, and spoke very assertively. The actor, who went on the set and worked intensely for this claim, also carries the title of producer. Fans of the series are also very curious about what is going on in the depths of the story.

The Cezayir character, which you will see in two different identities in the series, will also come to the fore with his love for two different women. The main elements of the series will be Oktay Kaynarca’s efforts to solve the problems in his family with the Cezayir character and his duties as an agent working for the state.

Coming from a deep-rooted and powerful family, the Cezayir character is someone who works for the state but is injured. Because his brother lost his life as a result of sabotage and Cezayir took revenge for this.

After this process, you will witness that the character continues his life with a different identity for himself and his family. Here, Cezayir with two identities will have ties and children with two different women. From this point of view, the story of the Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam series seems quite deep.

Other details in the story of the series are as follows: An Cezayir Türk, who comes from a deep-rooted and powerful family, avenges his brother, who worked for his state and fell victim to a sabotage. He starts a new life by showing that he died for the sake of the state and the safety of his family.

Oktay Kaynarca's secret in Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam series has been revealed! 7

Cezayir Türk meets Firuze, one of the doctors who knows no borders as a result of an injury during the ongoing operations abroad. Although he misses his wife and family, he knows that he will never return to them.

Cezayir, who fell in love with Firuze and started a family again, is deciphered after a while and has to return to life, to Istanbul.

However, neither his new family nor his family, who have missed him for years and prayed at his grave, are aware of these developments. Istanbul, which he left behind by entrusting him, will appear before him as a completely different Istanbul.

Onur Tuna is the director of the series prepared by Güzel Adamlar Medya. The music of the series, written by Yusuf Reha Alp, Mahinur Ergun and Ali Can Yaraş, belongs to Ercan Saatçi.

Oktay Kaynarca, Seyfi Şahin and Onur Tuna will present their first TV series to the audience as producers together with Güzel Adamlar Medya.