Oktay Kaynarca's series offer has been confirmed, but Birce Akalay has reservations!
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2 October 2022 03:39


Oktay Kaynarca’s series offer has been confirmed, but Birce Akalay has reservations!

Birce Akalay, who met with Oktay Kaynarca last month, announced that they met because they missed each other, not for the new project. The Netflix series Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight), which will meet with the audience on June 3, also took part in the project called Mezarlık (Cemetery).

Birce Akalay gave the following information about her new TV series at the event she attended: “I won’t tell you the dates now, because they haven’t been announced yet. They will enter in June. I think June will be a bit busy, my own brand also has business.”

Birce Akalay, who explained that she could not have a long vacation period during the summer months as in previous years, stated that her meetings with Oktay Kaynarca are continuing.

Previously, the possibility of the duo co-starring in a new series arose. The meeting of the duo last month also brought this new project to mind.

Birce Akalay stated that her talks with Oktay Kaynarca continue and said:

“We’re seeing it, it’s true. As we are currently only in the evaluation phase, I do not want to be unfair to my friend’s work or my own schedule. So I’m in a phase where I’m thinking.”

Birce Akalay stated that she actually received an offer with these words, but has not yet given a clear answer.

Details of Oktay Kaynarca’s new series, which will start on the ATV screen in September, have also emerged.

It was stated that the name of the series was determined as “Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazsam” (If I Don’t Fit In This World), and with this name, the legendary poem of the poet Nesimi, who lived in the 14th century, came to the fore again.

Oktay Kaynarca, who will portray the character named Cezayir in his new series, will meet his fans with a very surprising project.

Some scenes of the series will be shot in the Turkic republics of Central Asia. Oktay Kaynarca, who is both the leading actor and producer of the series, is meeting with the actors he wants to take part in the story.

It turned out that one of these meetings was with Birce Akalay, but the beautiful actress has not yet responded positively to this project.

It was evaluated that Birce Akalay’s words could not take a role in Oktay Kaynarca’s new series due to the conflict of her schedule.

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