Olgun Toker did his best again, those who didn't watch the Mezarlık (Cemetery) series missed a lot!
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9 February 2023 08:45


Olgun Toker did his best again, those who didn’t watch the Mezarlık (Cemetery) series missed a lot!

Olgun Toker impresses with his high performance in character acting. Born in Mersin in 1986, Olgun Toker is a name that does justice to every role he takes responsibility for.

Those who watch the actor’s recent TV series can also see how high the bar has been in terms of performance. The actor, who has played different characters since 2011, stands out as one of the very few names that does not repeat himself.

After attracting attention with the character of Melih in the TV series Karadayı, Olgun Toker did a very successful job in portraying opposite characters in TV series of different genres. Especially in the last period, we often hear his name with the roles that have come one after another.

Who can forget the character of Mahir in the TV series Hayat Şarkısı? Olgun Toker, who also created wonders in the character of psychopath Burak in the TV series “Arıza” was distinguished by the character of Gökhan in the TV series “Son Yaz” last season.

The actor, whom we watched as Çınar in the series Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk in 2022, is performing another acting show in the Netflix series Mezarlık (Cemetery).

With the character of Serdar, Olgun Toker, who plays one of the problematic characters of the story, once again left the audience in awe. The actor, who reflects all the inner swings of the character beautifully, depicts Serdar’s troubled life and many people in the society who are actually similar.

In the character of Serdar, you can see that many people who are cheerful, funny, vagrant or in their own world are actually trying to hide some things with these aspects.

The character of Serdar, who does not get enough of his father’s love, gets scolded for every mistake he makes, and resists his father who tries to pull him into a bell, bears the signature of Olgun Toker.

The Mezarlık series stands out as an unmissable Netflix series, even for the strong performance of the young actor.

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