Series News Onur Tuna surprised the audience with a character they are not used to in his new series Şahane Hayatım!

Onur Tuna surprised the audience with a character they are not used to in his new series Şahane Hayatım!


Series fans who know Onur Tuna closely are experiencing the excitement of the new project Şahane Hayatım (My Magnificent Life).

Onur Tuna fans were surprised by the new series, the first episode of which was broadcast on Wednesday evening, November 1, and emerged as Fox TV’s most ambitious project this season.

Onur Tuna, whom we have watched in action series before and whose success we know well, accepted the project because he believed in the script very much. The actor, whom we watched as a commissioner named Mesut in the series, stated that the script was written very well.

The famous actor said, “When I read the project, first of all, I saw that it was a script written properly, chronologically. A criminal job in itself also shows how people live differently within their statuses and how they envy each other. When I looked at it from this perspective, there were two different layers of genres in it. There was both a criminal life and a side that talked about people. That’s why I liked it and accepted it,” he explained.

Commissioner Mesut is actually someone who has gone through the same processes that many young people go through in our country. He studied psychology at Boğaziçi University and chose to become a police officer due to his obsession with criminal life.

In other words, it is understood that Onur Tuna will show different sides to his fans in the character of Mesut, who studied psychology and does a profession where human psychology comes to the fore.

Mesut is an obsessive man who wants to find out the truth whenever he hears a lie and makes great efforts to do so.

Onur Tuna commented on the character of Commissioner Mesut with the following words: “I portray the character of Mesut. Mesut is the commissioner, but he is a Boğaziçi University psychology graduate and an obsessive man with an interest in criminal life. He is a character who has an obsession with investigating the truth when he hears a lie. He is not someone who gets along well with his mother and family. A person who rejected one life and chose to be a commissar in another life.”

Onur Tuna mentioned that he agreed to take the lead role in the TV series Şahane Hayatım because it had a different story, and complained that different jobs do not always come in the TV series industry.

Stating that the story of the series impressed him very much, the actor gave the following information:

“During the process, we read and see similar works. Sometimes the industry does not want to dismantle the working gears, but this job is not one of them. He has a different story, and within this different story, he can come out of different cultures and tell different stories. Therefore, Şahane Hayatım was the job that attracted me the most among the jobs I studied. It is well written, the story is different, the chronology and criminology are good, and the cast is very good. Therefore, when I look at it in total, I think it is a different project.”