All Series Orphan Flowers | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV series)

Orphan Flowers | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV series)

admin Analysis – It managed to attract millions of screens with her dramatic story ‘Orphan Flowers’ shared by İpek Karapınar, Özgür Çevik, Biran Damla Yılmaz, Gökçe Akyıldız, Hazar Motan, Çağla Irmak and Aleyna Solaker.  The phenomenon, which tells the life story of young girls growing up in the orphanage, made the audience both cry and think.

Orphan Flowers which is at the top of the ratings, received the Best Drama Award and the best series award at the award ceremony held by Istanbul Gelişim University. The young actors of the series showed an important break in their careers. All the young actors generally received leading roles in the next projects. Orphan Flowers also attracted great attention worldwide. It was published in many countries.


Channel: ATV

Producer: NTC Media

Genre: Drama-Family-Youth

Release Date: June 29, 2015

End Date: 12 March 2018

Number of Seasons: 3

Location: Istanbul

Number of episodes: 113

Duration: 140-155 minutes

Music: Tuna Velibaşoğlu

Starring: İpek Karapınar, Özgür Çevik, Biran Damla Yılmaz, Gökçe Akyıldız, Hazar Motan, Çağla Irmak, Aleyna Solaker


Esra Dermancıoğlu, Deniz Uğur, Veda Yurtsever, Tayanç Ayaydın, Gökçe Akyıldız, Mehmet Aykaç, Arif Diren, Burak Tozkoparan, Nil Keser, Eylül Su Sapan, Elif Ceren Balıkçı, Burcu Almeman, Kaan Kasapoğlu, Hazal Benli, Esma Yılmaz, Erdoğan Hot And Sacide Taşaner, Zeynep Irgat

Screenwriter: Gül Abus Semerci, Yelda Eroğlu

Director: Serkan First


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When strong winds blow out the family, only orphan flowers are left alone… Eylül is tired of her stepfather’s abuse and she tells this situation to her mother and her life changes: Her mother prefers giving Eylül to an orphanage instead of leaving her husband. Eylül will make different friends in that orphanage which is newly opened in the middle of a luxurious neighborhood. These girls who are excluded from the society are humiliated and slandered by rich guys of the area. When none of the public schools accept them because of this slander, the dormitory principal registers them to the luxurious private college of the neighborhood. Now life is more difficult for Eylül and her three friends among the rich and spoiled guys in their new school.

Cemre and Defne, who always bully Eylül and her friends at the college, are one of the richest families. One day Cemre’s father, Sinan, commits a suicide and he also kills his wife accidently. Relatives of Sinan neither undertake his debt nor adopt Cemre. Therefore Cemre is obliged to settle into an orphanage. Defne and her rich friends turn their back on Cemre but Eylül and her friends at the orphanage hold Cemre’s hand. On one hand Eylül and her friends, who try to stand upright against the board of collage and spoiled students of the school who are seeking an opportunity to expel them, and at the same time they try to find their families, to solve life problems. They will learn big lessons from these dilemmas and they will learn to fall in love, to make mistakes, to overcome the problems altogether by collaborating with each other. This is the survival story of young girls in their big world…

The series tells about the struggles of the girls against life and their longing for parents.


The set of Orphan Flowers series is in the district of Koşuyolu, Kadıköy. The weighted scenes of the series were shot here. The orphanage was also there. The college that Eylül, Cemre, Songül and Kader go is Fenerbahçe.


İpek Karapınar-Feride

Özgür Çevik-Toprak

Biran Damla Yılmaz-Eylül

Gökçe Akyıldız-Songül

Hazar Motan-Cemre

Çağla Irmak-Kader

Aleyna Solaker-Meral

Derya Artemel-Mesude

Yağmur Ün-Zeyno

Almila Ada-Lalin

Cansu Fırıncı-Kemal

Furkan Andıç-Gökhan

Arif Diren-Güney

Burcu Almeman-Selin

Mehmet Aykaç-Serkan

Veda Yurtsever-Nazan

Nil Keser-Defne

Birgen Engin-Banu

Esra Dermancıoğlu-Zehra

Elif Ceren Balıkçı-Sedef

Hülya Gülşen Irmak-Nezhiye

Esma Yılmaz-Büşra

Nil Günal-Emel

Benan Yüce-Zuhal

Sacide Taşaner-Neriman

Zeynep Irgat-Hediye

Kaan Kasapoğlu-Mert

Deniz Uğur-Macide


Orphan Flowers series met with the audience in different geographies of the world. The drama shown on Sri Lanka, Lithuania and Albania televisions has been a major success. The series was especially liked in Latin American countries. The series aired in Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina and Mexico was high in all relevant countries.


There are many impressive scenes in the series ‘Orphan Flowers ‘. Fans of the series still continue to watch these scenes on youtube.

Here are the most talked about scenes… Feride’s cry…

If she goes to Feride dance course with Toprak…

Interesting plan of girls…

Nostalgia clip… Travel in Beyoğlu…

The final episode of the series attracted great attention. What happened to Orphan Flowers after 5 years?


Its dramatic generic music, like the story of the ‘Orphan Flowers’ series, belongs to Tuna Velibaşoğlu.


A special channel was opened on youtube for the series. Music, trailers and special scenes were broadcast on this channel. Millions of views were achieved.

You can watch all episodes of the series on ATV’s website. Please click to watch …