Artists News Aleyna Solaker’s great fear!

Aleyna Solaker’s great fear!


The Orphan Flowers series opened up a huge opportunity for young actors. One of these young names that became popular in a short time is Aleyna Solaker. She who started the last series of Maids, experienced the sadness of the series lasting 3 episodes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The return of the actress who waited for 2 years after the Orphan Flowers series resulted in misfortune. In the new season, Aleyna Solaker is in a new series, waiting for the fans with curiosity. She, who explained that they lived in the quarantine process in the youtube program she participated, stated that she has not yet experienced normalization.

Aleyna Solaker said, “I’m so scared. There is an involuntary panic when something happens. Everywhere may be opened, I want to go and socialize a lot. But I have a fear in me. So another click, ” she said, and will continue to wait.

The famous actress is also known for not actively sharing on social media like other young players. She rarely shares and does not have a routine like live broadcasts like many famous names. Aleyna Solaker explained that social media is almost not alive and does not have a routine time spending.