Over 3 million likes for Hande Erçel's pose in the cafe!
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6 October 2022 12:35


Over 3 million likes for Hande Erçel’s pose in the cafe!

Hande Erçel, who came to the screens with the TV series Love Is In The Air, is one of the most popular actresses of the last period. In addition to the Eda character, which she gave life to in the series, Erçel is a name that her fans follow with interest from social media in her daily life.

The fact that Hande Erçel is closely associated with her partner Kerem Bürsin increases the interest in the series. Instagram live broadcasts of the two together reach record attendance.

The actress, who frequently shares videos and photos from the set, also occasionally shares photos from her private life. Hande Erçel’s beauty and style are as appreciated as her acting.

Her fans watch with great care what the actress wears, how she does her hair, and her make-up. The player, who is branded by her local and foreign fans, does not leave them unaware.

As a name that uses Instagram effectively, the player shares frequently. She shared 4 photos yesterday that made her fans very happy.

The spontaneous poses given by the actress, who were seen to be in a cafe, were greatly appreciated. The player, who has 20 million followers on Instagram, attracted attention with this number, and the fact that her last post reached a figure approaching 3 million 100 thousand in 20 hours.

In fact, it is very difficult to reach for those who struggle to get even 10 thousand likes and shares with more than 36 thousand comments alone!

Situated at the beginning of the most notable names in social media Hande Erçelen, in a survey conducted recently, she was among the three most spoken name of social media in Turkey.

The interest in her latest posts reveals this! Her fame beyond the borders of Turkey does not reach the 3 million figure such as a taste, even many famous names!

Erçel also receives likes and comments from famous names. İrem Helvacıoğlu, Buğra Gülsoy and Kerem Bürsin are among these names.

Here are the recent posts of Hande Erçel that were admired.

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