Emotional farewell from Demet Özdemir to İbrahim Çelikkol, who left My Home My Destiny
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4 October 2022 16:58


Emotional farewell from Demet Özdemir to İbrahim Çelikkol, who left My Home My Destiny

There was a sad separation in TV8 last night in the 37th episode of the TV series My Home My Destiny. The character of Mehdi, who gave life to İbrahim Çelikkol, one of the leading roles of the series, said goodbye to the production. The sudden departure of İbrahim Çelikkol, who has been in the project as the key character of the series since the first day with Demet Özdemir, surprised everyone.

However, after the course of the series’ story for a while, this departure of Mehdi was not much of a surprise! There is no other way but to leave the series of Mehdi, whose end is slowly being prepared!

With the inclusion of the character of Barış, which Engin Öztürk gave life to, in the new season, Zeynep educated woman who has a career has no chance to be with an oppressive person like Mehdi.

Despite the good harmony with Demet Özdemir on the screen, the character of Mehdi started to exhibit strange attitudes since the beginning of the season. Mehdi, who put pressure on Zeynep, tried to prevent him from working, locked him at home, did extraordinary things after the divorce.

When Mehdi, who did not leave Zeynep despite leaving with jealousy of Barış, stood in front of her everywhere, asked for an account, kept in front of her with his attitude that he was trying to protect, and moved near a street, the events got out of hand when he finally kidnapped Zeynep, whose vehicle he broke up!

After being arrested and sent to jail, then released after Zeynep gave up her complaint but fell into the clutches of the man he met in prison, Mehdi was suddenly involved in the mafia.

For the Mehdi, who had behaved like a mafia for forty years, took on strange situations and experienced a change of character, the series was also over!

The only solution for Mehdi, who turned into a personality that the audience did not like at all, was to leave the series! While Barış, played by Engin Öztürk, gave the impression of a much more correct man for Zeynep, it became impossible for Mehdi to reunite with Zeynep after his attitude.

As such, Mehdi finally said goodbye to the drama. Moreover, he did not neglect to return to his old understanding and apologize to everyone.

Later, while trying to save Zeynep and little Müjgan, whom Meto and his men kidnapped, he was targeted by bullets and died.

Thus, the partnership of Demet Özdemir and İbrahim Çelikkol ended. Özdemir said goodbye to her partner with an Instagram message in which she expressed her happiness for working with Çelikkol, whom she loved like her brother.

Demet Özdemir published a photo of Çelikkol, with whom she said goodbye with emotional words, and wrote the following: “You always supported me. Since I have always played with you, I will look at our past with happiness. What a nice man you are. Fortunately, our paths crossed in this story. Good publicity to you. I will always be grateful to you for your love and tolerance for me. May your new road be pleasantly happy. Maybe our story is over here, but always be in my life. Goodbye, master, Mehdi. “

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