Ozan Akbaba contradicted him! The Bandits series or is it an error?
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30 September 2022 21:16


Ozan Akbaba contradicted him! The Bandits series or is it an error?

The Bandits completed its 5th season. 165 episodes have been published. Oktay Kanarca is the phenomenon with the immersive name of the series and the character of Hızır Çakırbeyli … The other character of the series, İlyas Çakırbeyli, gives life to Ozan Akbaba …

Ozan Akbaba is a actor who is struggling in the sector … He also worked behind the camera, had great difficulties to make short films, he achieved the point he reached in the sector by scraping his nails …

Another issue of Ozan Akbaba, who gives information about his acting life in the chat program he participated in, is that he wants him not to stick to the role.

However, the name Ozan Akbaba and İlyas Çakırbeyli character stuck together. This is a fact … In the series, the fact that the character İlyas is so long is actually what the audience wants. Ozan Akbaba states that if the viewer does not like the character, he will not be able to take such a long urea role.

So many characters died in The Bandits series that İlyas Çakırbeyli is still alive, both as a result of the audience and the result of Ozan Akbaba’s successful performance.

However, there is another fact … Ozan Akbaba has a structure that is not satisfied with the character sticking to the player …

He is glad to be İlyas Çakırbeyli … He is also pleased to be in the series for 5 seasons … Although it is contrary to his own principles, the reason for this is the power of The Bandits …

Ozan Akbaba explained his opinion on this subject with the following words: “No one is forced to play this role for me. I have not lost my excitement because I have played this role because I still want to play. There may be professional reasons. I love İlyas and I love the show. Since I have been playing İlyas for 5 years as an actor, I am naturally open to other characters. ”

We will watch Ozan Akbaba in the 6th season of the series, even though he is a person who wants constant change and is hungry to revive new characters.

Ozan Akbaba contradicts himself, stating the idea that “Actors like variability, constantly have to change themselves and constantly upgrade their equipment”.

On the one hand, İlyas Çakırbeyli, which the audience wants to see on the screen, on the other hand, Ozan Akbaba, who is hungry for different roles …

Stating that the character of İlyas Çakırbeyli is not reflected in his daily life, Ozan Akbaba said, “Maybe I may be using better weapons than İlyas. The point we are similar to, we both love guns. But of course in a sporty sense. It’s not like maganda going out on the street.”

Ozan Akbaba also said that he loved firearms and went to the range and trained.

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