Ozan Akbaba told the truth about the coronavirus in The Bandits series
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1 October 2022 02:14


Ozan Akbaba told the truth about the coronavirus in The Bandits series

The Bandits series completed season 5. With the 165th episode, the series that made the season finale took a break. In September, the team is expected to meet again and start shooting.

Ozan Akbaba plays the character of İlyas Çakırbeyli. He, in Turkey on March 11 after the announcement that seen cases of coronavirus told what has happened.

As it is known, the series continued its works for 4 episodes in the pandemic process and there was a great discussion in the sector during this period. The Bandits series continued to work on the set, criticized by many. So what happened on the set of the series during that time? How were the actors convinced? Here is the answer to all questions in mind, Ozan Akbaba …

Answering the questions of Bora Talat Oyacı in the Scenario Talks program he participated on Youtube, Ozan Akbaba said that The Bandits series team showed great sensitivity during the pandemic process.

Ozan Akbaba said: “Our producers knew how sensitive we think about this. Our director, our general coordinators on the set, our executive producers … These people took our requests to the producers, and they also to the channel. We said, ‘We are afraid. We have our family, we have a mother – a father. ‘ I can’t grab something I’m not aware of from this set and make them sick while trying to kiss my mom’s hand. I don’t want to cause worse situations. ”

Stating that the producers came up with an idea after this idea of ​​the actors, Ozan Akbaba summarized what was said to them from the producers:

“You want to go until the next season. You want to go to seclusion. If you want to continue, let it go. We take precautions on the set. We keep our ambulance there. Fires are measured. Everyone is dressed in clothes, including cameramen.

Necessary precaution, care was taken. It was also reflected in the script. Actors can protect the social distance as they wish, the phrase was put. So that we can feel comfortable. ”

Explaining that all kinds of health measures were taken during the re-start of the series, Ozan Akbaba stated that the team paid great attention to the social distance.

Ozan Akbaba said, “Everything happened as it should be. The precautions will be enough that there is currently no case with corona diagnosis in our environment. We got out of this way somehow, ” he said.

Underlining that maintaining the series in such a process is not an easy process, the actor explained that the burden of the entire industry is on the shoulders.

Emphasizing that many people were looking for him while shooting during the pandemic period, Ozan Akbaba stated that he had to respond to them.

Ozan Akbaba said, “We are not people who do not know what they are doing. They have done business in this sector for years; directors, screenwriters, producers. These people have done nothing unconsciously. If in the pandemic process, even if the corona still does not go, I am sure that our company, or any producer, will not start unless it takes such measures. There is only one thing I am sorry about, the theaters will be empty “.

Theater games ahead of the coronavirus pandemic period was experiencing the rise in Turkey. However, after this epidemic, the sector worries that the audience may not come to the theater in fear. Ozan Akbaba explained this situation and added that the theaters should be lifted as soon as possible.

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