Ozan Akbaba went through a big change for his new series
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29 November 2022 18:22


Ozan Akbaba went through a big change for his new series

On Friday evenings, you will now watch the new TV series Kasaba Doktoru (Town Doctor) on the TRT1 screen in the rating competition. Ozan Akbaba plays the leading role of the series, the first episode of which will be broadcast on Friday, April 8th. The influence of the character of İlyas Çakırbeyli, played by Bandit in the TV series Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz, still continues.

Ozan Akbaba went from being a mafia member and ending human life to the opposite. The actor, who will portray a master surgeon in the Kasaba Doktoru series, will make an effort to erase the traces of İlyas Çakırbeyli’s character.

Ozan Akbaba, one of the leading actors, will give life to the character of charismatic surgeon Hakan Hoca in Kasaba Doktoru, which will tell the story of three idealist doctors whose paths cross in a hospital far from the city.

Hakan Hoca, who has a unique style from his clothing to his hairstyle and even his gait, is famous for his mastery in surgery and is known as the “ice man” by his colleagues. Hakan, who does not like to show his feelings and is deeply devoted to his profession, has enemies as well as fans.

Hakan, whose path crosses with young doctors Ömer (Deniz Can Aktaş) and Leyla (Hazal Subaşı) at Ulu Çınar Hospital, will experience significant transformations as he touches the lives of the duo!

The first episode ratings of Kasaba Doktoru, which gives the idea that it can display a new Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor) success with its trailers, are of great importance. TRT 1’s new series Kasaba Doktoru, which is preparing to meet with the audience very soon and arousing great excitement with its published promotions, starts on TRT 1 on Friday, April 8th.

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