Artists News Özge Özacar, the ‘Meltem’ of ‘Kefaret’, which TV series does she see as an ‘award’ in her career.

Özge Özacar, the ‘Meltem’ of ‘Kefaret’, which TV series does she see as an ‘award’ in her career.


Özge Özacar, who act the character of Meltem in the TV series “Kefaret”, answered questions from social media on Onedio’s youtube channel.

Özge Özacar, who starred with experienced names such as Nurgül Yeşilçay, Mert Fırat and Yurdaer Okur in Fox TV’s TV series “Kefaret”, which made its finale recently, was a reward for me to be on the same set with people I admire and whose work I follow with great pleasure. I had a wonderful experience with Redemption.”

Stating that she loves listening to music, the beautiful actress said, “I usually send songs to their loved ones, I like listening to music very much. I have a friend of 15-20 years who sends me the same song on my birthday.” Özacar, who stated that she never liked lies, replied to a question about lying, “I don’t like to lie at all, I am a straightforward and clear person”.

Stating that she does not have a boyfriend, the young actress said that she took part in both ‘Kefaret’ and ‘Seyyar’, shot for Puhutv at the same time. She said he enjoyed it very much. Özge Özacar’s biggest passion is to dance, the actress who says, “I can’t imagine a life where I can’t dance,” said, “I didn’t receive a professional education, but I can say that I can act to the squeak of the door. I am curious about Caucasian dances, and I have a lot of fun while dancing,” she said.

Expressing that she values ​​her friends and friends very much, Özge Özacar stated that she does not like people without Net and said, “Friendship is very valuable, I try to make my friends and colleagues feel that I love them as much as possible.”

You can watch the entire video of Özge Özacar’s Onedio below;