Özge Yağız and Gökberk Demirci are in love with each other. They are like two halves of an apple!
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26 November 2022 11:03


Özge Yağız and Gökberk Demirci are in love with each other. They are like two halves of an apple!

The duo of Gökberk Demirci and Özge Yağız, who came to the fore with the TV series Yemin, are passionately connected to each other… The couple, who met in the series and became lovers, are on the way to marriage. Gökberk Demirci made a wonderful marriage proposal last September for his love and got the answer “Yes”.

Özge Yağız said in the interview published the other day that her marriage proposal is beyond her dreams. The actress did not want to give any details about when they were going to get married.

Gökberk Demirci also made a similar interview in January and said that there is no date for marriage and that they left it on the move.

When two lovers put their statements about each other side by side, it turns out that they are two halves of an apple.

Özge Yağız has already used a similar expression in her statement. The young actress summed up the situation, saying “I can say half of an apple for us”.

Özge also said that she sees a new side of her lover every new day.

Özge Yağız stated that she is still watching the Yemin series, which she left last year, and gave very nice compliments to her lover.

Özge Yağız said that she liked Demirci’s acting very much and that watching him gives him pleasure.

Özge Yağız emphasized that the important thing is to love a person with everything. The actress said: “For me, it already has the best level of anything it could ever have. That is why it is enough for me to be enchanted. ”

So what did Gökberk Demirci say about his beloved?

Gökberk Demirci, who interviewed at the beginning of January 2021, praised his beloved very much.

Explaining that it is very enjoyable to be in the same production with his girlfriend, Demirci also stated that they are a good partner.

Gökberk Demirci said that Özge Yağız was a very special person as a serial partner.

The actor explained that they are making an effort for their future and that they have to accept the hard work.

Gökberk Demirci stated that the first step came from him in order to be dear to Özge and said: “The first steps came from me. Fortunately, she paid off. We continue our lives happily. ”

The wedding date of the couple is not known, but it is clear that they decided to get married.

Gökberk Demirci answered the very curious question about the date of marriage as follows:

“There is no date. We let ourselves go. We both do the same job. Known tempo, conditions. We are now trying to keep up with the times. Whenever the conditions show, we will evaluate it in the best way. ”

Gökberk Demirci also said that he found everything he was looking for in a person in Özge Yağız. Demirci, who liked every aspect of his lover, added that he was very in love.

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