The biggest mistake of Can Yaman's life was his biggest chance!
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1 December 2022 14:07


The biggest mistake of Can Yaman’s life was his biggest chance!

Turkish actor Can Yaman has won millions of fans around the world. The Erkenci Kuş series was the project that promoted the rise of the famous actor.

Can Yaman, who shared the lead role with Özge Gürel in the latest Bay Yanlış TV series, is now in Italy.

He, who has been on the Italian agenda for a while, is making preparations for a new series called Sandokan.

A big mistake Can Yaman made in the past changed the actor’s future plans. This mistake is now his biggest chance …

What was this mistake? Can Yaman was discussed a lot with his words in an interview on December 1, 2019.

Speaking to Hürriyet Newspaper, the actor criticized Selen Soyder, his partner in the series Hangimiz Sevmedik, with the following words.

” We would never be compatible if Demet was a bit snobbish. That’s why I had a problem with Selen Soyder, my partner in Hangimiz Sevmedik. Come now, shoot love on these problems in front of the camera on set. ”

Can Yaman continued his words with assertive expressions:

“The lead couple should have a high libido. I always say that the actors are divided into two: those with a libido, those without a libido. Cast should be done accordingly.

Look at the guys who have been out of business in recent years; They all had partners with no libido.

If you can’t get the audience to ask, “Are they really making love or not?” It won’t work. Our shooting with Demet was ceiling, we became maximum. ”

Explaining that they were lovers in the twentieth episode of the Erkenci Kuş series with Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman stated that they had a love for the first time.

That actor’s words had a great impact in Turkey. The actor’s criticism of a former co-star was much debated, and his taking partnership to the point of sexuality drew reaction.

It was another problem that he said that they were dating Demet Özdemir. Özdemir has never confirmed this situation.

Can Yaman was discussed and criticized so much that he decided not to speak for a long time and not to appear in the middle.

It was a big mistake for Can Yaman not to calculate what his words could lead to.

The producers started to be afraid to work with him. Even the series that was prepared at that time was canceled. Can Yaman did not appear on social media or on the street for a while.

This experience of the actor was perhaps the biggest mistake of his life, but with the decision he made, he turned this mistake into luck …

Can Yaman because they no longer had to realize that he is viewed with prejudice in Turkey. Those who could not bear their success were in the majority. There were even criticisms that even the interest of fans abroad was fake.

It was during this period that Can Yaman decided to turn the interest shown to him abroad into an opportunity.

He went to countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain and met with his fans. He tried to appear abroad as much as possible and achieved his goal in a short time.

Can Yaman has a large fan base in Turkey, but not as crazy as having a support abroad.

Now you can better understand why the actor is working on a series shoot in Italy.

Bay Yanlış is the last series, the influence of the actors could not get enough response to successful results in Turkey.

Can he said in an interview with the patch and the much-criticized remarks, no longer have to choose for career showed that the target is not foreign to Turkey.

Can Yaman maybe made a big mistake, but after the experiences he gained from this mistake, he focused entirely abroad.

He is now in Italy and will continue his career in this country with the Sandokan series. He maintains his form and works intensively.

Discussions in the past are now long forgotten and Can Yaman spoken with success in Turkey.

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