Özge Yağız received a new series offer
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29 November 2022 18:41


Özge Yağız received a new series offer

The famous actress Özge Yağız became one of the most talked about young female players of the season we left behind. She who gave life to Reyhan character in the daily series named The Promise, which was broadcast on Channel 7, signed a remarkable performance.

However, Özge Yağız left the series where she made a big debut. The reason for the separation is not clearly known, but in January she had informed her producer that she wanted to leave. Özge Yağız continues to win foreign fans with the sale of the feed series abroad. The popularity of the player is also increasing day by day.

In the new season, it was claimed that she would take part in the Ottoman series. However, it is stated that the most serious offer in front of the famous actress came from the TV series Sol Yanım, which will be broadcast on Star TV.

The names of Cansel Elçin and Esra Bezen Bilgin became clear in the series where Melis Civelek wrote the script.

Özge Yağız reached the stage of signature as the female lead in the Sol Yanım series.

It is stated that the male lead of the Sol Yanım series is not yet fifty.

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