Olgun Şimşek joined the Ramo series
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1 October 2022 00:58


Olgun Şimşek joined the Ramo series

Ramo series, whose first season is below expectations, is being prepared for the second season in a completely different way. The news of the change from the series was surprising before the shooting began. The information that many actors quit the production fell on social media.

Deniz Gürzümar and Ekin Türkmen announced that they would not take part in the second season of the Ramo series. There were allegations that the names such as Görkem Sevindik, Hakan Salınmaz, Cemre Baysel, İdil Fırat, İlhan Şen were also leaving the series.

This time, a new actor joined the series. Olgun Şimşek will participate in the second season of the Ramo series.

A big change was made in the story of Ramo, where Murat Yıldırım, Esra Bilgiç, İlker Aksum and Yiğit Özşener starred. Now the series will continue its journey not in Adana, but in Istanbul.

Olgun Şimşek, who portrays the character of Yaşar in the last The Bandits series will meet the audience with Ramo this time after 2 years.

As it is known, both series are broadcast on Tuesday evenings and they are rivals to each other. Olgun Şimşek also rivaled his old series, The Bandits.

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