Artists News Özge Yağız, who shines with the series Yemin, has realized the biggest dream of her life!

Özge Yağız, who shines with the series Yemin, has realized the biggest dream of her life!


Young actress Özge Yağız was loved by a large fan base thanks to the TV series Yemin (The Oath). The actress, who said goodbye to the daily series broadcast on the Kanal 7 screen at the end of the second season, then took part in different projects and attracted attention again.

In addition to the TV series Sol Yanım, the actress, who received appreciation in the project named İçimizden Biri, made another important debut in 2022 by taking part in the cast of the TV series Baba (Father). Özge Yağız also realized a dream in the TV series Baba, which was broadcast on Show TV.

The series Baba, in which Tolga Sarıtaş and Haluk Bilginer take the leading roles, gained meaning for Özge Yağız both as a good experience opportunity and the realization of a dream she had for many years.

Expressing that it was one of her biggest dreams to share the same set with Haluk Bilginer, the actress explained her feelings to Elele magazine with the following words:

“It was one of my first dreams when I started my career and it came true. I have a hard time describing my feelings about this. Haluk Bilginer set’s big, small, teacher, father, voice, breath, rainbow; seriously everything on the set. Besides his energy, sometimes you even feel ashamed of the energy you have. Haluk Bilginer, it is a special story that we have to read every page by heart.”

Expressing that she found the balance of everything in her life, the actress said that the increase in their awareness also made her feel better.

Stating that the word love is of great importance to her, Özge Yağız expressed that she is very pleased that she has found a balance in her life.

The actress said: “I can say that you have come across the spring-like summer of my life. I am in a period when everything is in balance, every taste comes as it should and as needed, and my awareness makes me feel very good. Let me be alone with Özge, who takes the word love to the center of my life and appreciates every branch extended to me from her.”