Artists News Özgü Namal’s decision to return to TV series after 9 years was not so easy!

Özgü Namal’s decision to return to TV series after 9 years was not so easy!


Television critic Sina Koloğlu explained in detail on social media how Özgü Namal, who decided to take part in television series again after 9 years, was convinced.

Özgü Namal, pursued by the producers and channel managers, lived on the farm for a long time, and this process continued with her resuming life with her two children after her husband’s death.

The fact that Özgü Namal did not accept many offers made to her until this time caused great disappointment in her fans. The famous actress was talked about in the media from time to time for different projects, but none of them turned out to be true.

The name that satisfied the curiosity of those who wondered how Özgü Namal was convinced was TV critic Sina Koloğlu.

It was not an easy process for Faruk Turgut, the owner of Gold Film, to convince Özgü Namal. Convincing the actress to return to the screens with the right project at the right time was also a great source of happiness for her fans.

Faruk Turgut says, “We have a very old law with her,” and states that this persuasion process is actually the result of old friendships.

It is also very important for Özgü Namal to return to the screen with a script written by Necati Şahin. It turned out that the famous actress accepted the project with the offer of the story of the screenwriter that Namal wanted to work with.

While the negotiations with Özgü Namal for the last 2 years could not yield any results, it turned out that the female character created by Necati Şahin in the TV series project influenced the famous actress very much, which also enabled her to take part in the new series.

Fans of the series are also eagerly awaiting what kind of character Özgü Namal will return to the screen. It will be a brand new beginning for the famous actress to take part in the television series again after a 9-year hiatus.

This series project, which means Özgü Namal’s re-holding to life after her husband’s death, seems to be one of the most remarkable works of the new season.